TOTAL NIGHTMARE Concrete slab Epoxy Challenge under extreme conditions and deadline (Time Lapse)

This client had just about the MOST HIDEOUS slab we had even seen and wanted us to install a system to meet a ridiculous deadline. Then we had insane humidity and outrageous tropical storms into the equation.
“It can’t be done” they said. Well just for fun we thought we’d test our systems and products and this is the end result….

When you’ve been doing floors as long as we have you tend to look for jobs that spark your interest. This job did that in a BIG WAY. In fact when we first looked at it we thought there was no way it was even possible to achieve what the client wanted and in the timeframe they had allowed.

The shed was actually made up of 3 different slabs that had been poured at various times over the years. There were holes big enough to fall into, massive cracks, badly weathered concrete, differences in heights, super soft powdery concrete, about 98% humidity all day, crazy heat and tropical thunderstorms heading our way. All in a day’s work.

Take a look and see if we can pull off this miracle epoxy transformation.