Acid Etching/Washing Concrete Versus Grinding

This video shows you the difference between acid washing concrete and using a grinder to prepare the surface for an epoxy coating. It provides a really good example of the two approaches so you can judge for yourself which you think will be best for your epoxy project.

APOLOGIES peeps there are 2 corrections to note in the video. Only did it in 1 take!!

1. @ 2min 57sec Acid Ratio was 4:1 or 80% Water to 20% Acid
2. @5min 10 sec I talk about mechanical and chemical bonds. I didn’t clarify that chemical and mechanical bonds can only be achieved together when doing multi layered systems. IE mechanical bond from first layer to the substrate and then chemical and mechanical from one layer to another obviously with appropriate preparation done in between layers.

Thanks for the dudes that pointed this out for me.

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