Will Epoxy Flooring Scratch?

Will Epoxy Flooring Scratch?

We test this new epoxy floor by dragging industrial equipment on it

Check out this 2 min video to see what happened when a commercial bakery dragged all their equipment back into place just 8 hours after we completed their epoxy floor installation.

Hi guys, Tim McGary from Epoxy Flooring Co again. One really common question is “will my floor scratch if I put down a full flake seamless epoxy floor?” and the answer is it’s extremely difficult to scratch these floors.

To answer the question a little more thoroughly, I wanted to come to one of the busiest commercial production kitchens we have in my precinct on the Sunshine Coast.

We’ve snuck in on a Sunday just for a couple of hours when they’re shut down for cleaning and maintenance. They work almost 24/7.

We did this floor about 12 months ago and we finished it around about nine o’clock at night and around four AM the next morning they had to drag all the equipment back into place.

So this is one of those machines, you can see I literally can barely move it, it weighs around 250 kilos.

The guys literally had to drag it back into place. The casters on it don’t move anymore because they’re so old and jammed up.

Let me just show you what happened to the floor moments after they did it. This is the damage.

So you can barely tell what happened to the floor when someone dragged a 250-kilogram dough baller over it just a few hours after we finished. The average person with the average use on their floor will never scratch it.

In an extreme situation like commercial production kitchens, there’s a possibility that you can if you do it just a few hours after.

The owner was absolutely delighted with the outcome from moving all the equipment back in and what happened.

So they really are virtually bulletproof and just to back it up even further we put a 20-year warranty on the product just to give you peace of mind.

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Tim McGary

Tim McGary, a notable figure in the construction industry since the Y2K era, pioneered Same Day Epoxy Flooring Systems in Australia. His expertise extends to polished concrete and single-colour industrial floors. Celebrated as the Australian Installer of the Year from 2021 to 2023, he now excels in creating full fake seamless epoxy floors for both residential and commercial spaces. Renowned for having the most 5 Star Google reviews in his field, Epoxy Flooring Co. blend Tim’s extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring every project is completed with precision and on time.

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