Will Epoxy Flooring Peel?

Will Epoxy Flooring Peel?

The Importance of Surface Preparation: A Closer Look
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Hi guys, Tim McGary from Epoxy Flooring Co. One question we get asked is will my flooring peel?

I’m here in a production facility, a large commercial kitchen, just to have a look at how the floors pulled up over the last 12 months since we put it down.

It’s in really good condition. If we just go down, have a bit of a look, this is a place where they have workers on here pulling big machines more or less 24/7.

This floor is 12 months old and it looks as good as the day we did it.

It is possible that floors will peel. If they do, they look like this. If you see on the back though, that’s actually concrete. What that tells us is the coating, the epoxy flooring that we’ve put on top of it has stuck to the concrete and done its job.

Unfortunately, in this instance, the concrete itself has peeled off. That’s beyond my ability to control.

It’s very easy to repair and once it’s been repaired, it will almost never happen again. It’s actually a weakness in the concrete.

In an environment like this though, as long as you grind the concrete, that is the absolute key to success.

Always put a concrete grinder on it, get yourself a beautiful new surface to work on. If you use a good product on top of that, you’re almost guaranteed it will just never peel.

Even in an environment like this which is about the toughest environment you can get for a floor, your chances of success are fantastic. See you next time.

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Tim McGary

Tim McGary, a notable figure in the construction industry since the Y2K era, pioneered Same Day Epoxy Flooring Systems in Australia. His expertise extends to polished concrete and single-colour industrial floors. Celebrated as the Australian Installer of the Year from 2021 to 2023, he now excels in creating full fake seamless epoxy floors for both residential and commercial spaces. Renowned for having the most 5 Star Google reviews in his field, Epoxy Flooring Co. blend Tim’s extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring every project is completed with precision and on time.

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