Will Epoxy Flooring be Slippery?

Will Epoxy Flooring be Slippery?

Epoxy floors are a great, economical flooring option for high traffic areas. One of the main benefits of them is that you can specify exactly how slip resistant you want them to be. Through the addition of a slip resistant coating of aluminium oxide or silica you can achieve a variety of slip resistance ratings tailored to your specific needs.

In this video we explain how we improve the slip rating on epoxy floors so they are a great option in wet areas such as commercial kitchens.

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Tim McGary

Tim McGary, a notable figure in the construction industry since the Y2K era, pioneered Same Day Epoxy Flooring Systems in Australia. His expertise extends to polished concrete and single-colour industrial floors. Celebrated as the Australian Installer of the Year from 2021 to 2023, he now excels in creating full fake seamless epoxy floors for both residential and commercial spaces. Renowned for having the most 5 Star Google reviews in his field, Epoxy Flooring Co. blend Tim’s extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring every project is completed with precision and on time.

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