Can I Patch Epoxy Flooring?

Can I Patch Epoxy Flooring?

“Can I repair my epoxy floor?”

We get asked this question about six times a week.

So here’s the short answer: Yes.

BUT, will the floor keep requiring patching? Maybe, it depends on what has caused the epoxy to lift.

Let’s assume your floor has had an area “flake off”. Like in this picture below.

Dangers with Acid washing your floor
Oops a daisy that ain’t supposed to happen.

If the concrete under the epoxy is still smooth then that epoxy has come away from the concrete and that’s is bad. Also if the back of the epoxy flake has no concrete stuck to it then that’s also a bad sign that the slab hasn’t been prepared properly.

However if the concrete itself has failed you will see concrete stuck to the back of the epoxy, like in this picture. This is good news because it means the concrete itself has failed and been pulled apart.

To show concrete on the back of epoxy that has flaked off
This is a good “problem” to have

You will also be able to look at the slab and see where the concrete has broken away with the epoxy and it will have a dimpled surface. Like in this picture.

To show what it looks like when concrete has failed
A good sign when epoxy has flaked off

This is actually also good because it means the concrete has failed rather than the epoxy coating. We can fix this problem and chances are pretty good that it won’t happen again.

However if you see no concrete stuck on the back it’s a sure sign of incorrect preparation and ‘Houston, we have a problem’. This patch can be repaired but it is highly likely that it will occur again.

So if you have a an issue with epoxy lifting check the back of the area that has come off and look for concrete. If the concrete has stuck, great you can get it patched and it will probably stay there for a very long time. But if you have no concrete, you can still patch that section but chances are high that the epoxy will flake off in another area because it wasn’t prepared properly in the first place. The remedy is not pretty though because you have to grind up the existing coating and then  grind the concrete and then put on a new epoxy coating. Which really sux!

So what’s the moral of the story, do it properly in the first place and or don’t always choose an installer based purely on price. As I write this it’s 8:25pm and today alone I have been at 3 jobs around town where the floors need patching as a result of bad preparation. (NONE OF WHICH WERE MY JOBS THANKFULLY!) But I spend so much time redoing people’s floors because they weren’t done properly in the first instance. The problem is that floors in garages and commercial kitchens get #totally hammered (ps not a technical term) so unless they are bullet proof and installed really really well they are going to fail.

So in summary Epoxy Flooring can be repaired but unless they were installed properly in the first place they will keep requiring patching.


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