Are VOC’s Dangerous in Epoxy Floors?

Are VOC’s Dangerous in Epoxy Floors?

We’ve done some research on your behalf and here’s a few points we think are most relevant.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.

VOC’s are a group of carbon-based chemicals that are emitted as gases from certain liquids and solids. They easily evaporate at room temperature.

It is the toxicity of the ingredients that’s important as these are the ones that affect the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), IE what you breathe.

Basically they are the gases we smell when we’re near certain chemicals. Here’s a clue about the answer to our topic; look at the word “Volatile”. Do you know anything described as volatile that’s healthy for humans? As the name suggests Volatile Organic Compounds are bad news for humans. Think of sniffing petrol or glue and you get the idea.

Even once your floor is installed, has cured and is in its solid state some of them can still emit VOC’s

Airborne VOCs are known to have strong and adverse impacts on human health, and the environment, in the short and long term, by contributing to the formation of tropospheric ozone.

Products that can emit VOC’s around the home include glues, solvents, cleaning products, pesticides, both construction and painting materials.

Processes that can emit VOC’s are tobacco smoking, wood burning, office copiers & printers

Look for epoxy flooring that has no VOC’s.

Look for Epoxy products that are “100% Solid”. This means it can’t have VOC’s because it doesn’t contain products that will evaporate. Think of a jar of honey when it’s opened, it won’t evaporate and give off harmful gases because it is 100% solid, IE it’s all 100% honey.This is excellent for people with allergies and important to consider when installing an epoxy floor.

If you are looking for a commercial flooring solution Methylmethacrylate is an awesome product that cures super quickly, is extremely hardwearing and looks great BUT it is toxic to humans and can cause chronic cough, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Plus it’s residue can be traced on walls, bench tops etc for 7-10 days after installation. The safe, VOC compliant alternative is called Methylmethacrylate Replacement or MMR. It has all the benefits of Methylmethacrylate but isn’t harmful to humans and is especially good for people with allergies.

We only use and recommend flooring systems that are VOC free or contain low harmful VOC’s. In fact we only use and recommend FOOD GRADE flooring systems. Which means you can literally eat your dinner off them.

So do your research on what you are going to be breathing off your floor and Buon appetite.

Written by
Tim McGary
Operations Manager

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Tim McGary, a notable figure in the construction industry since the Y2K era, pioneered Same Day Epoxy Flooring Systems in Australia. His expertise extends to polished concrete and single-colour industrial floors. Celebrated as the Australian Installer of the Year from 2021 to 2023, he now excels in creating full fake seamless epoxy floors for both residential and commercial spaces. Renowned for having the most 5 Star Google reviews in his field, Epoxy Flooring Co. blend Tim’s extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring every project is completed with precision and on time.

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