A Comparison of Multi-Day vs Same-Day Epoxy Flooring Systems

A Comparison of Multi-Day vs Same-Day Epoxy Flooring Systems

When you look to spend some cash on a new epoxy flooring system either for residential or commercial applications you get faced with a stack of options.

  • Do you go full flake seamless, plain colour or metallic?
  • Do you use polyurethane or polyaspartic?
  • Do you engage a contractor or attempt it yourself?

What’s the difference between epoxy and epoxy paint and the list of questions goes on and on. But probably the most common question I get asked, and the one that creates the most confusion, is “What’s the difference between a Same-Day and a 5 Day System?”

So I wanted to lay out the facts on the different systems and their characteristics, features and benefit in the hope this helps make your info-gathering mission a little easier.

Days without garage access 1 8-10 Days
Easy to use for installer No (unless trained) Yes
Slip resistance compatible Yes Yes
UV Stable Yes Yes
Wide choice of colours Yes Yes
Training and Certification required to install Yes No
Suitable for heavy vehicles Yes Yes
Allergy Safe Yes – 100% solid No – Requires Evaporation to cure which means it’s a potential hazard to people with allergies
(Volatile Organic Compound)
Yes No
Does weather effect installation time No Yes, because it cures via evaporation so in rain and humidity it takes longer to cure.
Food-Grade Flooring Surface Yes Yes & No depending on the manufacturer
Suitable for DIY No Yes
Warranty 20 years 1-3 years
Price A$75 plus GST per SQM A$65-85 plus GST per SQM

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