Privacy Policy

Epoxy Flooring Co recognises the importance of protecting information including the special protection of Personal Information.

By using our products or services you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

If the Personal Information was provided to us by another party, we will have sought their confirmation that it was authorised for them to provide us with that Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and that they informed the individual of their rights to access and request correction of the Personal Information, as set out below.

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes to applicable law or changes to our business practices. The updated Privacy Policy will be published on this website and the updated policy will apply to all Personal Information held from that time onwards.

Personal Information we collect

The personal information we collect from or about individuals, is the information that is reasonably necessary for our business purposes, including providing receivables optimisation services to our customers. We may collect a range of personal information from or about an individual including their:

  • name; 
  • driver’s licence number; 
  • phone number/s;
  • email address/es;
  • residential / business / postal address and
  • residence type

We will only collect sensitive information if we (or our customer) has been given express consent to do so, and:

  • the information is reasonably necessary for us to carry out our functions or activities;
  • the use of the information is required or authorised under an Australian law, court or tribunal order.

We might, in limited circumstances, utilise biometric information for identification verification purposes but will only do so when expressly authorised by the individual concerned.

How we collect and hold Personal Information

The information we collect is predominantly in a digital format. The collection of information may include the combining of differing data points about individuals to form a more complete record of the information illion holds, this may also allow it to present information in a readily usable format.

We collect information from our customers, individuals directly, third party service/data providers, Court records, publicly accessible databases and or authorised parties.

We also may collect Personal Information about our customers, or employees or officers’ of our customers and prospective job applicants, so that we can meet internal operational requirements, complete business transactions, conduct research, deliver products and services, administer accounts, provide customer support or meet regulatory requirements.

We are serious about the security of the information we collect. To protect this information we employ contractual and administrative steps to ensure that this information is protected against any unauthorised access, disclosure or misuse. In addition to this we also utilise significant technology solutions to protect against unauthorised access or disclosure.

All our employees undertake training in handling information, with particular emphasis on preserving the personal information of individuals. We limit physical and digital access to our premises and computer networks to those that require such access.

Purpose of collection, holding, using and disclosing Personal Information

We collect, hold, use and disclose Personal Information in order to operate our business, including providing services to our customers and individuals and for the following:

  • website and system administration, including monitoring to prevent security breaches;
  • customisation of the website to user needs; and
  • evaluation, research and development.

Accessing and correcting Personal Information

Under privacy laws, an individual has the right to access and request correction of any Personal Information we hold about them. We also recognise the accuracy of the Personal Information we hold about an individual is critical to our business so encourage individuals to correct any errors where they exist.

To access Personal Information please use the following contact point:

Australia & New Zealand

While we take reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Information held by us is accurate and up to date, we generally rely on our customers, data suppliers and individuals to inform us if the information we hold is inaccurate or incomplete.

Once Personal Information is provided it is important that any errors are corrected, these should be raised through the Public Access Centre on the details above.

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From time to time we may collect, use, store and disclose non-identifiable information relating to your use of our website or any of our products or services. For example, we may record information such as the areas of the website that you visit along with the time, date and URL of the pages you access, the device you access the website from, your IP address and/or the previous website that you visited before linking to our website. We normally use this information in the aggregate to administer and improve our web site, and monitor proper website usage.

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The Personal Information provided by our customers (or individuals directly) for this service is not used for Direct Marketing.

Last updated January 2022