$75 ex GST per sq/m

This full flake garage epoxy floor will be white, bright and light.

If you seek a white flake floor then Moonlight Hybrid flakes are your match made in heaven.

The flakes are not entirely white though and this is the magic of this flake that makes it look so good.

If you only have white flakes in a garage they tend to look stark and clinical and they lack depth and character.

The colour of these flakes however are 90% white and then it has three shades of grey: light, medium and dark.

There are just enough of them to create some interest in the floor and stop it being glary on your eyes and boring.

This flake works well in any environment where you have mainly white or light coloured walls and floors or driveways.

Please note that keeping white floors clean on a garage or driveway is extremely difficult. We do not recommend this colour to be used in these areas.

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