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Flake Flooring

Epoxy flake floor options on the Sunshine Coast

Flake flooring is a surprisingly affordable and exceptionally durable option for a variety of floor spaces, from commercial kitchens and garage spaces to children’s playrooms. At Epoxy Flooring Co. we have several options available.

  • Partial flake: The most economical option, partial flake flooring is best suited for areas that receive low foot traffic. You will be able to see the basecoat through gaps in the epoxy flakes, but the unsightly concrete floor will be hidden.
  • Partial flake with top coat: Epoxy flake floor coating adds another level of protection to your partial flake floor, making it much harder and able to be used in harsher environments. Epoxy flake floor coating also gives the top of your floor a beautiful glossy finish.
  • Seamless full flake flooring: This is the most aesthetic epoxy flake floor option. The basecoat will be completely invisible with this floor installation. It is also the strongest, capable of supporting heavy domestic vehicles like 4WDs, making it perfect for garages.

The best epoxy flake flooring on the Sunshine Coast

When you work with Epoxy Flooring Co. you get decades of experience at your service. When we put down an epoxy flake floor you know it will last. If we don’t think it will last, we’ll tell you before we do any work. Our No BS Guarantee is to give you completely honest advice so that when you choose us for your flake flooring on the Sunshine Coast you get the dream trade experience. Get in touch today for an epoxy flake floor in Brisbane, Caloundra, or as far north as Gympie.

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