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Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

We specialise in commercial kitchen epoxy flooring and quick epoxy flooring repairs. We spent our youth working in the hospitality industry so we totally understand this stressful environment. Time is money in kitchens and you need them to be open and working. So we will repair or install your new epoxy floor at a time that suits you.

We also know how much stress you place on your floor with foot traffic, hot liquids, things being dropped on them and heavy machinery being wheeled over them constantly.

So we have a range of products to get you back working before you can say “Meals away”.

Call us on 0438 444 400 to discuss the options you have to build or transform your commercial kitchen with epoxy flooring.

Choosing epoxy for commercial kitchen flooring

Durability, strength, and rigidity are vital factors to bear when choosing commercial kitchen flooring in Brisbane or elsewhere in the Sunshine State. So if you’re looking to update your commercial kitchen flooring, one of the best commercial kitchen flooring options is epoxy for several key reasons:

  • Non-Slip — Tiles might be easy to clean, but they become exceptionally slippery with a few water drops. This increases the risk of a fall, especially in a high-traffic space, which can cause waste or injury. In a commercial kitchen, epoxy floor coatings are a great choice because they stay non-slip even when covered in liquid, keeping the area safe for your team.
  • Easy to clean — Commercial kitchen flooring needs to be kept clean, which means frequent washing. Epoxy floor coating is easy to wash and keep clean, saving you time and meeting the necessary hygiene requirements.
  • Easy to maintain — Commercial kitchen floor finishes will see a lot of abuse in their life, from dropped equipment and food spills to regular heavy foot traffic. Epoxy coatings are robust and hard-wearing, but they are also easy to repair without replacing the entire kitchen floor.

On top of this, epoxy-coated commercial kitchen floor finishes are available in a range of customisable colours and styles, so you can have it fit the decor you need for your kitchen. They’re also surprisingly affordable!

Commercial flooring across the state

Epoxy Flooring Co. has decades of experience. We can install commercial kitchen flooring in Brisbane, Caloundra, Gympie, or anywhere close to our service locations. Call us or enquire online, and we’ll be happy to help you with a commercial epoxy floor solution. Since all of our work comes with a “No BS” Guarantee, installing a new kitchen floor has never been a smoother experience.

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