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Epoxy Flooring Repairs

Repairs for epoxy flooring either in residential or commercial applications.

We specialise in repairing either full flake epoxy floors or single colour epoxy floors in commercial kitchens, bakeries, cafes, restaurants etc.

We understand that you can’t, or at the very least, don’t want to shut down your production facility to attend to patching, because time is money right? So we have a range of products that can get your epoxy floor so repaired in as little as 2 HOURS! Ready for walking and vehicle traffic and with no VOC’s to risk contaminating your food and kitchen.

Plus we are happy to work around your schedules and work after hours and on weekends to ensure you stay productive.

We are unable to provide an instant price estimate online but if you complete the form on this page and give us details we can give you an estimate on the phone.

As a guide though prices start from $295 plus GST and vary depending on size and type of flooring.

Quick and easy epoxy floor repair

Every floor will eventually need maintenance, and resurfacing a room can be a nightmare, especially in your place of business. Epoxy Flooring Co. has access to a wide range of colours and styles, so your epoxy floor repair will blend right into your existing floor.

Can I get away with an epoxy floor patch repair?

Provided your epoxy floor was prepared and installed correctly, an epoxy floor patch repair will be the right choice. Check the area where the epoxy has come off, and if the concrete below is rough and dimpled, then that means we can fix it with an epoxy floor patch repair. If the concrete beneath is smooth, that might present a trickier issue — while we love a challenge and can carry out an epoxy floor repair, the surface was likely applied incorrectly, which means more problems in the future. With our “No BS Guarantee”, you will get a straight answer on whether an epoxy floor patch repair will work effectively long-term on your floor so that you can make an informed decision.

Concrete patching with epoxy

Epoxy can also be used to seal and fix concrete cracks. Epoxy concrete repair is carried out by injecting or pouring epoxy into the gap, where it binds with the concrete to form a seal. The epoxy concrete repair will cure harder than the concrete surrounding it, making an epoxy floor repair strong and durable. Epoxy Flooring Co. is the dream tradies and has service locations across the state, from Brisbane to Caloundra, even up to Gympie! So wherever you are, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to fix your epoxy floor.

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