Epoxy Flooring Specialist in Cotton Tree

If you’re one of the lucky residents that live in Cotton Tree you might be looking for an epoxy flooring applicator for your home.

This is a stunning part of the world thanks to its warm winters with sunny days and hot summers with amazing storms to cool things down.

We’ve been lucky enough to provide epoxy coatings in Cotton Tree and all of our Service Areas for years.

When you’re an epoxy floor installer in Cotton Tree, you quickly learn this environment brings unique challenges to epoxy coatings.

For EG the hot summer days heat our car tyres to around 50 degrees Celsius. This in turn makes the tyres expand and then contract when they cool. This can have a major impact on garage epoxy flooring in Cotton Tree unless you adequately prepare the concrete under the coating.

Epoxy coating for patios can be another tricky area in Cotton Tree because of summer storms blowing rain and sea spray onto the area. Not to mention the harmful effects of the sun’s UV light on epoxy flooring that is not formulated for this assault.

We’ve been an epoxy coating specialist and serviced Cotton Tree for years. We’ve drunk coffee at your favourite local spot and probably eaten lunch sitting next to you. So we know what it takes to get epoxy flooring done right in this neck of the woods.

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