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Installation Guide

Step 1 - Choose Your System

Decide if our industry leading Epoxy Flake Flooring Same Day Installation (SDI) system is right for you.

Step 2 - Pick A Colour

Pick your favourite Epoxy Flake Flooring colour and get an instant online quote or book your installation

Step 3 - Installation

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Compare our Same Day Installation system to a multi-day system...

Your Choices: Same-Day System or Multi-Day System

Ask yourself these 4 qst to pick which system is right for you:

Once you have your answers to the four questions above simply view the chart below to determine which epoxy system is right for you.

Same Day System vs Multi Day Systems

Days without garage access18-10 Days
Wide choice of coloursYesYes
Does weather effect installationNoYes, because it cures via evaporation so in rain and humidity it takes longer to cure
Allergy SafeYes – Medical Grade EpoxyNo – Requires Evaporation to cure which means it’s a potential hazard to people with allergies
Solvent Based SystemNo – We use 100% solid epoxyYes
Slip resistance compatibleYesYes
Will it turn yellow?No.
100% UV Stable
Yes & No depending on the manufacturer
Warranty20 years1-2 years
PriceFrom $79.50 plus GST per SQMFrom $65-85 plus GST per SQM
Why Choose our Same Day System?We offer a medical grade, allergy safe epoxy flooring solution with a 20 Year Warranty.We no longer offer solvent based installation systems for the safety of our staff and your family or workplace.

Are you ready to ready to get started with our amazing Same Day Installation system?

Epoxy Flooring Same Day Industrial FAQ's

Is your Epoxy Same Day Installation System as strong as Multi Day Systems?

Yes and it’s actually stronger because it takes advantage of molecular chemistry that wasn’t available previously in multi-day systems.

We’re so confident in our SDI system that we offer a 20 year warranty, where most multi-day manufacturers only offer a 12 month warranty.

How can you install a Flake Epoxy floor in 1 day when it usually takes four to five days?

Thermal reaction 100% Solid Epoxy VS Dual Curing. Which means an SDI system can have Rapid Cure agents added to it that speed up the curing reaction and because it’s 100% solid it doesn’t get slowed by requiring evaporation to cure. 

Will it smell?

No. We use a 100% solid, Food Grade epoxy.

We’ve also installed over 800 SDI epoxy flake floors and not one person has complained of headaches or residual smell.

It’s so good we don’t even need to wear masks during the installation process.

Does the Epoxy Flooring Same Day system cost more than multi-day systems?

Yes, but only a small amount. SDI epoxy flooring is just an additional $10 per square metre.

Plus you get 8-10 days of your life back and your car doesn’t have to park on the street for more than one night.

SDI systems are simply evolved technology, much the same way that Broadband took over Dial Up Internet.

Will flake epoxy flooring installed using the SDI system will turn yellow?

Epoxy flooring can turn yellow IF it’s not applied in the correct environment or hasn’t had preventative measures taken to protect it from the sun’s UV light.

However a professional epoxy flooring installer can easily ensure that your epoxy floor DOES NOT turn yellow. This video covers this issue in more depth.

How do I know your epoxy flooring warranty will be valid in 20 years?

Watch this video to see for yourself if we’re serious about standing behind our 20 Year Epoxy Flooring Warranty.

What should I look for when choosing flooring contractor?

  1. Are they qualified specifically in the Floor Covering Hard Sector?
  2. Are they licenced by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC)?
  3. Are they a member of the Australian Resin Coatings Association?
  4. Have they been in business for over three years?
  5. How many installations have they done?
  6. Do they have many Google Reviews?
  7. Will they send you a list of their last month’s customers so you could seek referrals?
  8. Do you like them?

In case you are curious, we answer YES to all the above – especially the part where people like us and give us positive referrals 🙂

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