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Our difference from other systems that are available on the market begins with the products we recommend.

We are the Sunshine Coast’s exclusive authorised installer of Epoxy2U (E2U) products from the USA. They are the world leader in epoxy flooring systems.

Epoxy 2U Same Day Epoxy Systems cure by Thermal Reaction and traditional systems cure by thermal reaction and evaporation.

This means Same Day Systems are not reliant on the weather, and rain or humidity don’t slow down their curing speed.

Also the Epoxy2U 100% solids epoxy has a rapid cure agent in it which speeds up its curing time.

This allows us to complete the installation in one day as opposed to waiting for evaporation to cure each layer which takes several days.

Also since E2U products first started in the industrial sector they’re formulated to be strong enough to drive on the next day.

All our epoxy floor installations use Epoxy2U 100% Solids Epoxy. This means that no gases are released into your home or business once it’s applied and this is important for people that are prone to allergies.

The nasty smells from multi day epoxy systems are caused by off-gassing from the products evaporating during the curing process.

Our Same Day Epoxy Floors eliminate this discomfort for homeowners thanks to the Thermal Reaction curing process.

Also the products are free of Volatile Organic Compounds.

VOC’s are the dangerous gases you inhale when you smell petrol or acetone for example and they’re not healthy for humans. Plus our full flake seamless epoxy floors are Food Grade which makes them suitable for any area especially commercial kitchens and school facilities.

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