Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Epoxy Flooring Co is a local, family owned business with a simple mission:

To coat the entire planet with epoxy!

Sorry, just kidding… but we’re guessing that no-one will ever read this page and for those of you who do, thank you....

We’re glad to know our typing hasn’t been a waste of time.

So what would you like to know that will inform, and entertain you, and hopefully persuade you to choose us.

Here’s our best points:

A family owned business - Tim and Maggie

About 1 - Epoxy Flooring Co
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Meet the Team

Tim McGary - Flake Boy

Tim has been in the construction industry since the Y2K bug was a big thing! He lies awake at night thinking about epoxy floors on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and how he can provide an enjoyable, memorable experience for his customers.

When he’s not creating seamless epoxy floors you will find him in the surf pretending (unsuccessfully) that he’s the next Kelly Slater

Maggie McGary - Epoxy Girl

When Maggie was a little girl she used to dream about growing up and running an Epoxy Flooring business in Brisbane and Noosa.

Then marrying the man of her dreams and raising the next generation of epoxy flooring applicators. (insert sarcasm here) Ok so that’s not quite the real version but she and Tim for many years talked about building a successful business together based on decent customer service and good products.

Nowadays Maggie, AKA Epoxy Girl, loves being the biggest epoxy floor business from Noosa to the Gold Coast and running it with her favourite Flake Boy.

Epoxy Floorig Co - Thomas Neves

Thomas Neves

Sunshine Coast Area Manager
About 2 - Epoxy Flooring Co

Greg McCloy

Gold Coast Area Manager
About 3 - Epoxy Flooring Co

Peng Hardingham

Brisbane Area Manager
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Fieter Kersten

About 5 - Epoxy Flooring Co

Marco Kassaskeris

Epoxy Floorig Co - Jacob Warns

Jacob Warns

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Alex Chubeeman

Epoxy Floorig Co - Fred Hitter

Fred Hitter