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Epoxy Flooring Co is a small, local, family owned business with a simple mission: to coat the entire planet with epoxy!

Sorry, just kidding… but we’re guessing that no-one will ever read this page and for those of you who do, thank you. We’re glad to know our typing hasn’t been a waste of time.

So what would you like to know that will inform, and entertain you, and hopefully persuade you to choose us.

Here’s our best points:

  • We have a sense of humour (at least we think we do)
  • We’re family owned and operated and providing good customer service is something we do take seriously.
  • Maggie runs the business and office and tells Tim what to do and when (and quite often HOW to do it)
  • Tim is the operations guy that’s in the field doing all the heavy lifting and making floors look pretty.
  • We have a long term approach to growing our business and referrals are super important to us.
  • Attention to detail is critical.
  • NOT acting like a typical ‘Tradie’ is a cornerstone of our approach.
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