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Here at Epoxy Flooring Co, we specialise in same-day epoxy flooring installations which enables you to drive on them the next day! All this is covered by our no fuss, 20 Year Warranty.

Epoxy Flooring Co - Same Day Epoxy Flooring Installation Specialists
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We specialise in Same-Day, Industrial-Grade, Epoxy FLake Floor installations that are covered by a 20 Year Warranty.

We are the highest rated epoxy flooring company on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast because we try harder to ensure an amazing customer experience with award winning results.

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Residential Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane can be frustrating and confusing but we make the process quick, simple and easy.

Our surprisingly affordable epoxy flooring solutions mean you can have the look you want with piece of mind from the 20 Year Warranty.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

The old saying, “Time is money” is especially true for Commercial Epoxy flooring clients. When your business premises needs a new floor you can’t afford long downtimes waiting for them to be installed or repaired. So that’s why we specialise in Same Day Industrial coatings with 20 Year Warranties. That way you get the floor you need and you get back to work sooner.

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Check out our wide range of Epoxy Flake Flooring Styles

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Epoxy Flooring Classic Colour Range

Our most popular Epoxy Flake Flooring Colours

Moonlight epoxy flooring is a sublime mix of 90% white flakes and varying shades of grey. Perfect for spaces requiring a bright yet nuanced aesthetic.
California Grey is a versatile epoxy flooring that effortlessly complements earthy tones. Mostly white and light grey with subtle specks of black and tan.
Pearl Granite is a light and elegant epoxy flooring solution. Featuring grey, white and dark grey flakes, it brings a pearlescent charm to any space.
Infuse your space with the warm, earthy tones of Pumice epoxy flake flooring. Ideal for homes with timber features that are seeking an inviting, rustic touch.
Smoke epoxy flooring offers a captivating blend of light grey and white flakes, enriched by a subtle blue hue for an evolving, multifaceted appearance.
Stone Schist flooring blends a trio of grey shades, enriched by unique marbling that evolves with the light, adding depth and visual interest.
Unveil the beauty of light grey epoxy flooring with Light Grey. A blend of grey, white, and black flakes creates a spacious, easy-to-maintain floor.
With its rich, blue-grey tones, this style evokes the earthen warmth and splendour of a basalt quarry, ideally paired with contrasting elements for maximum impact.
Tuxedo is a classic blend of grey, white with a touch more black for a slightly darker look. Easy to maintain and perfect for garages and industrial spaces.
Smokey Grey seamlessly blends grey, white, and black flakes with earthy brown undertones for a versatile, warm finish in epoxy flooring.
Immerse your space in the deep, sophisticated hues of Midnight epoxy flake flooring. Ideal for those seeking a darker, elegant look that hides dirt effectively.
Revamp your space with Preto, a sophisticated blend of black and grey epoxy flake flooring. Ideal for garages, patios, and high-traffic commercial areas.

Strength is vital in an epoxy floor

Epoxy Flooring in your garage needs to be strong enough to withstand stress caused on it by hot tyres, heavy vehicles, dirt, oil, sunlight and the list goes on.

At Epoxy Flooring Co our mantra is: Do it properly and do it once.

We combine concrete grinding for every garage epoxy floor with industrial-grade epoxies to make your floor strong enough to withstand any conditions.

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